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Pyne & Partners is a leader in corporate strategic advice.

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A strong CORE at the heart of Pyne & Partners
We are the best CONNECTED public affairs firm in Australia

Serving in portfolios including health, ageing, education, industry and defence, there are few people better connected in Australia and overseas.

We are OUTCOME oriented

It is our relentless focus on achieving results that sets us apart, with our client’s success being the measure of our success.

We are a RESPONSIVE and forward leaning firm

At Pyne & Partners, our clients come first. We pride ourselves on being accessible to our clients and offering considered advice.

We are an EXPERIENCED team with exceptional knowledge.

With over four decades of experience at the most senior levels of the Australian Government, there are few issues we haven’t faced.

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Why Pyne & Partners?
Our objective is to enhance our clients’ operations by giving them the edge over their competitors.

We are experienced navigators of the complexities of policy and politics. We are focussed on helping our clients manage risk, pursue business opportunities and ultimately, achieve their strategic objectives.

We are committed to understanding the individual needs of our clients, and we are unrelenting in our pursuit of success.

Chaired by the Hon Christopher Pyne the former Australian Defence Minister, and led by Managing Director Adam Howard, long time senior political staffer for several Coalition Governments, our team brings a complete understanding of the Australian political landscape and offers expertise on how best to engage with stakeholders, both within government and in the private sector.

Teamwork builds trust

Meet our Team
Hon Christopher Pyne
Hon Christopher Pyne
Christopher Pyne served as the 54th Australian Defence Minister, and was responsible for delivering the $200 billion build-up of Australia’s military capability, the largest in Australia’s peacetime history. Learn More
Adam Howard
Adam Howard
Managing Director
Adam Howard brings deep understanding of Government, policy making and strategic communications with extensive high-level experience within the Australian Government.

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Kacey Lam
Kacey Lam
Senior Associate
Kacey Lam has a background in public policy, having advised the Federal government across the defence, science and education portfolios.

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Alisha Dhillon
Alisha Dhillon
Alisha Dhillon brings excellent communication skills and the ability to develop strong collaborative part- nerships across community, government and business.

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